The Way of the river

Samhain 2020:
A Toast to the Ancestors

We are all cordially invited in this season to give honor, thanks, and praise for those among our Families of Blood, Choice, and Spirit who have left this life before us, whether they have gone recently, or whether their names are lost in the mists of the forgetfulness of generations.

We are invited to pray for the wisdom to learn from them - however they lived - in what ways we can leave the world a better place.

We are invited to listen to and make toasts in honor of those who have led to the lives we live, and to share in one another's joy, grief, and complexity.

Come as you are, with a glass full of whatever libation you like. Registration is just $10, and our time together will be both mirthful and reverent, full of both honor and humility. Mostly, we will party together with our Mighty Dead!

Thursday October 29th, 2020 at 5:30pm PST

The veil is thin at Samhain 2020

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"A Toast to the Ancestors"

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